10 Things to See in Germany


The German capital has a vast range of museums. Most of the big museums charge six or eight francs a day for people aged older than 16 while a day ticket to see all the different small museums and exhibitions can be bought. Some famous museums include the Museum Island or Museumsinsel which houses several different museums in one place. The various museums include Pergamon, the Altes Museum, Alte National Galerie, Bode Museum and Neues Museum. Then there are the Deutsches Historisches Museum and Judisches Museum covering the history of Dutch and Jews in Germany. Then there is the Gemaldegalarie, Neue Nationalgalerie, Museum Fur Natunkude, Ethnological Museum, Museum of European Cultures and Topography of terror. Those above just include the big and famous museums as there is a range of other small beautiful museums too.

Europe is famous for its art, and the German capital brings in nothing less as there are private art galleries that host some of the best work from recent to ancient artistry. The famous galleries include Raum fur Aktuelle Kunst, Galerie Eigen & Art and Art Center Friedrichstrabe. Another important cultural center of Berlin is its churches, and there is some them to see in the city. There is the famous Berliner Dom which is located near the Museum Island and was built during the turn of the nineteenth century as a showcase of German power. Other favorite churches include Deutscher Dom and Franzosischer Dom, Kaiser Wilhelm Gedachtniskirche, Marienkirche, Nikolaikirche, St. Hedwigs Kathedrale and Friedrichswerdersche Kirche. Each and every one of these churches is built with an amazing architecture that is truly breathtaking.

Germany’s capital Berlin is a lively city in the heart of Europe. If you want to combine art, history, fun and entertainment into your visit in Berlin, take note of these top ten things to see in Berlin.

1. The Fernsehturm. It’s a 368-meter-tall Television Pillar and the number one landmark in Berlin. The Television Tower manages the Berlin skyline – it is easily visible throughout central Berlin. You take the elevator up to the sightseeing platform at 204 meters above ground and enjoy the view on the whole city.

2. Brandenburger Gate, the only remaining former city gate and one of the main symbols of Berlin. The Berlin Wall applied to run right past Brandenburger Gate – since the fall of the Wall in 1989, the Gate has become a symbol of German unity.

3. The Reichstag, the German Parliament building is a fascinating architectural sight at the heart of Berlin. The glass dome, which was finished in 1999 is accessible to the public!

4. Checkpoint Charlie is the best-known East-German – West-German border crossing of the city. The history of Berlin as a divided city is tangible here. Also take the time to check the Berlin Wall Museum nearby!

5. East Side Gallery! If you are interested in the Berlin Wall, you’ll like the East Side Gallery. It’s an open air gallery created from the Berlin Wall itself. It’s more than a kilometer long, and it runs on the banks of the river Spree.

6. Berlin Central Station was finished in 2006 after no less than eleven years of construction! It’s a massive, impressive, modern building – a sight in itself – plus from here you can get a train to travel everywhere in Europe.

7. The Siegessäule that is the Victory Column, which stands at the heart of the Tiergarten Park. People in Berlin love to give nicknames to buildings, so they choose to call the statue Goldelse, translated freely to “Golden Lizzy.”

8. Berlin Cathedral is located in the northern area of the Spree Island, close to many museums as well as the Alexanderplatz and the Television Tower. The cathedral was inaugurated in 1905, but during World War II the cathedral suffered heavy damage. Only in 1975 did the restoration begin, and it was only finished in 1993.

9. Next to the Berlin Cathedral is the Museum Island: a group of some of Berlin’s best museums, among others the Pergamon Museum, the Old and the New Museum and the Alte Nationalgalerie (the Old National Gallery)

10. Last but not least you should see the Alexanderplatz which at the foot of the Fernsehturm is the largest urban square in all of Germany! Take a look of the World Clock or do some shopping – around Alex there is always something to do!

Berlin is also famous for its important landmarks that have observation decks built in them to observe the beautiful German capital. The most popular are the TV tower that has a rotating deck that goes a complete 360-degree turn in half an hour. Then there is the Bundestag or the Parliament building in Germany, Berliner FunkTurm, Berliner Fernsehturm, Siegessaule, Kollhoff Tower and Europa Center. Moreover, there are also some historical places that are must see for any visitor and these include Memorial to the Murdered European Jews, Berlin Wall, the Berlin Wall Memorial, Checkpoint Charlie, and the Tempelhof airport. Each of these places has vast history and meaning attached to them, and the architecture is one to see.




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