About Germany

Germany is a small nation which is renowned for its rich tradition, contemporary facilities as well as a long intriguing historical background. Germany has played an important part in altering the lifestyle of the entire planet. This country happens to be the birthplace of some of the well-known scientists the earth has ever seen. Furthermore, the German language has been accepted in many areas of the world thus making the nation one of the most well-known places in Europe.

Germany is situated in the centre of Europe. As many as 16 regions constitute the German nation. These regions have been categorized under the Northern Germany, Southern Germany, Central Germany, Western Germany and also Eastern Germany territories. The nation is among the most developed nations on the planet because of its early scientific revolution. Nevertheless, the Germans preserve their essential cultural emblems such as the German language which is being used since 1000s of years back. Thus it can be rightly asserted that the German language is definitely an important cultural language on earth.

The costs are manageable and overcrowding is unusual and, in spite of its size, it is very easy to travel from one location to another because of a remarkably efficient public transport system.

The gorgeous volcanic landscapes make Germany a memorable place to go for tourism. In fact, the number of things to see here is unending. The Rhine Valley is a charming spot with historic castles plus glowing grape plantations. Check out the Bavarian Forest located in the Bavarian Plateau alongside the Danube River Valley, and here you will discover numerous tree species such as the magnificent coniferous trees. Make a train journey to the Black Forest, check out its attractive villages and take pleasure in skiing as well as trekking.

The highest highlands in the country happen to be the Zugspitze Mountains having a height of over 9,000 feet above the sea level. Additionally, you will come across appealing river valleys such as the Rhine River, the Weser River in Northern Germany, the Elbe River in Eastern Germany along with the popular cruise trips, and also the famous Danube River. You can join in nature walks and also travel around the woodlands to encounter numerous indigenous plant species as well as the gorgeous birds residing there. Do not forget to take photographs of the splendor of these features. All these photos will help to add glamor to your residence.

It is obviously great to learn about the heritage of a nation and see the remains that were left behind. As a matter of fact, there are numerous historical sites in Germany. The Bremen City located in Northern Germany can boast of the Rathaus Town Hall, the St Peters Cathedral as well as the Roland statue which appears like the Knight Roland who was renowned for guarding trade in the area. Cologne is yet another historic place of Germany. Here you will find museums, the historical Romanesque churches, theaters, parks, and the ancient town hall amongst others. Neuschwanstein Castle, which is one of the most visited castles on earth, is situated here.

Germany has got exciting seaside beaches which border the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. Here you can take part in various activities like having fun at the seashore with snorkeling, scuba diving, as well as motor boat riding.

There are many lodging facilities here which include the famous resorts at the coastline. The Germans are well-known for their hospitality offering facilities to the tourists to ensure that they enjoy their stay in Germany.


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