Best Ways to Learn German

Learning new language is not an easy process. Some people tend to pick it up quicker than others, but in the end, practice is the best way you consolidate your skills and become fluent. With this said, it is possible to learn German fast, but you have to make an effort and stay focused on learning German. You may have to utilize a bit of money too.

So if you want to learn German fast or the fastest way that I can think of then follow this outline. Get yourself a German course – preferably an audio or software course. This is your primer before you get into the intensive bit of your learning. Devour this course. Use it as much and as often as possible. Learn each lesson like the back of your hand.

What is the best way to learn German fast? For me, there is no simple way to answer this question. It all depends on what your aims are. Do you want to visit Germany and be able to do some basic things and get around in a general way? Or do you want to achieve fluency?

The two goals will have two different approaches. Here are some tips, however, that will work for both goals.

Find a Good Language Program

I have tried several, and I do have a few favorites. In general, the classic textbook approach doesn’t work if you want to learn the language for an upcoming trip. You will need an immersion course or one that will introduce you to the basics very quickly.

If you want to become fluent, you should do a combination of the classic approach and immersion training so you can have a well-rounded education. You can also add in reading and listening comprehension by seeking out the things you enjoy. For example, you can watch a favorite movie in German rather than English.

Don’t Fall Into Common Traps

When I first learned German, I got bogged down with details that didn’t matter. For example, when trying to read a news piece, I would get bogged down with vocabulary. I would try to look things up without seeing if I understood the piece anyway or if I could figure out what the word meant.

Another thing I did wrong was trying to memorize vocabulary. While I had to do it to some extent so I could take vocabulary quizzes, I also took it one step further and memorized lists that I came up with. That was overdoing it – I didn’t remember much of it.

Immerse Yourself

Do your right to engage yourself in the German language so that you can learn it as quickly as possible. Even though I made a lot of mistakes at my language school, I did learn the language. This is large because we were in class for seven hours a day and then had to do homework. The pieces are joined to fall into place when logging those hours!

You can also mimic immersion training by reading in German, watching movies in the language, listening to the news, and reading whenever you can. You can also listen to German music. I personally like Falco, Silbermond, and Ich + Ich among others. This way you will learn German as fast as possible.


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