Food to Try in Germany

Every country has its own trademark when it comes to food. America is known for its gargantuan servings of steaks, fries, and burgers. Italy is known for its scrumptious pizza and pasta dishes that are unparalleled anywhere in the world. Japan is known for its sushi while other Asian countries are known for the spicy, flavorful, and savory dishes that are cooked in a unique and indigenous way. Although German foods are known for the tasty you-just-can’t-get-enough-of frankfurters that have made its way all over the world, it has other promising dishes that are sure to astound your taste buds.Their specialty foods are just one of the reasons why people come back to Germany year after year. Aside from great traveling sightseeing attractions, the best German and authentic recipes are worth paying a visit to.

German people have their own creativity when it comes to cooking. They love grilled, and roasted meat but their culinary techniques have its own unique variety. One of the most popular German recipes is the Sauerkraut which means “sour cabbage.” It is similar to pickled vegetables. This is a very common side dish to German meals and is a very good source of nutrients. However, it is not advisable for people whose stomach cannot tolerate acidic foods to eat it raw since it has a low pH. For people with ulcers or ulcerative colitis, these types of food are worth trying if you do not suffer from the listed ailments.

Second, in the list, learn “wurst.” Germans love their sausages and Oktoberfest is no exception – wurst is a firm favorite on the menu. Even people who have never spoken or understood German before should be able to learn that bratwurst means beef or pork sausage, bockwurst is lamb, chicken, turkey, pork, pepper and paprika sausage, while knackwurst is a beef or pork sausage with garlic. Once you’ve selected your sausage, it’s time to move onto some bread and sauce.

Another unique German recipe is the Hasenpfeffer which is also known as the rabbit stew. Yes, rabbit stew. This dish may sound revolting to most people who are used to just eating beef, pork, and chicken, and who generally view rabbits as a pet. However, this is a very tasty dish. The untrained tongue cannot be able to tell the difference between the usual meat and a hare’s meat.

Hare’s meat is very tasty, especially when combined with German herbs and spices and when cooked the German way. This is truly something worth trying if you get the chance to travel to Germany. Some people may already consider this as an exotic food, but to Germans, it is already part of their everyday life.

If you have a chance of traveling to Germany or if you just migrated there and will start a new life, get acquainted with their food and try some of those that are mentioned in this article. There are lots to explore, especially German foods, which are guaranteed to make you want for more.

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